What's the Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program is an intermediary system between merchant and the influencer/advertiser.

It will provide you with special links, tracking tools and information you need in order to promote an offer. They are also solely responsible for paying you, as an advertiser, your earnings based on the amount of conversions you have, the sales you generate. The more you sell, the more you earn, no capping. What you need to do is to publish or share the our products through your websites or social media. 

Blitzwolf’s affiliate program service will be provided by Banggood, join and become a Banggood affiliate, you are the referrer of the Banggood, you recommend Blitzwolf products or camppaign from Banggood to your users (fans/friends/followers). After the successful recommendation, the statistics of the income will be calculated by Banggood Affiliate System, and the commission will be paid to you according to the commission rate.

And if you are intended to focus on promoting Blitzwolf in your affiliate, please contact [email protected] or [email protected], we will help you to get your best performance!

What I will get from this program?

A. According to your sales amount, Commission rate will be of 4%-11%.
B. Privilege of getting our free samples that are first published.
C. Exclusive discounts to promote BlitzWolf products.
D. Multiple bonus and rewards for you without limit!

What’s required to join the Affiliate?

There’s no must-have requirement. Any resources are allowed to post your referral links, such as:

Your social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums or blogs; websites you own or manage, advertising on other websites or more platforms.
As long as someone ordered through the links, you will get your commission.

When will I be paid?

After your referral orders was shipped, your commission will be given out to you in about 45 days, after that you are free to withdraw your income to Paypal, Bank account or BGpay.

How my sales and commission are calculated?

You will promote the products with your referral code, it will track the orders that were made through your referral links.

You can see your sales performance in Banggood affiliate program page(https://www.banggood.com/index.php?com=point&t=ordersStatPage).

While the commission structure for Blitzwolf is as follow:

How can I generate BlitzWolf Referral Links?

Step 1. Go to Banggood affiliate center and sign in;

Step 2. Enter Products in [Ad Center];

Step 3. Search for BlitzWolf listings;

Step 4. Find your preferred products, “Get link”and “Copy Link”(or you can choose other forms of promotion, text code, image code);

Step 5. Then post it to your social medium or website to generate orders! Await your commission!